Idajeanne is a multi-instrumentalist and singer with a degree in Violin Performance from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. While in college, she discovered a sudden interest in lyrical songwriting that linked her instrumental studies with her love for singing.

    The new-found ability to express beyond normal conversation became an obsession along with a new direction beyond being a hired string player.

    With a sound that was coined “left of center”, in 1995 she formed the three-piece band “poor skeletons”. With three years of touring middle Tennessee and Germany, the band remained unsigned yet a supportive following was achieved. Their sound was hard to define thus was not commercial enough for any label at that time.

    When the band parted, Idajeanne continued writing while educating herself how to record and do all of her own music programming. Currently she is working on filming videos for an album solely of cover songs done in her own style under the new name “Idaflower”. “I hope to reach a wider audience with whom I can unveil my own written music to”.

    Having performed with Natalie Cole, Plant & Page’s Unledded tour, Bernadette Peters and more, Idajeanne carried a love and hope of composing chamber string music of which she is now also working on. Writing, recording and playing all the string parts, she is compiling a catalog of beautiful soundtrack music.

    This musical journey Idajeanne has traveled was in hopes to gain a recording contract. Still, with no contract, she has humbly accepted and found her musical freedom to be invaluable.

    Today, as she prepares to launch her new projects since the 2012 release of her album “Ledge”, she is in full anticipation of what possibilities await, “I believe that whatever is meant for me, will not pass me by”.

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