Editing, Editing, Editing…

Today was a complete mix of web editing and music file editing…The web site is having it’s issues and I am learning more than I imagined on “spider-ing” through messes of links and puzzles! It feels good to find that the outcome is satisfying, but when you remain lost, it’s like you are still ‘lost at sea’, all you can do is hopefully relax with something to eat and drink, and come back at another time- refresh!


Editing 12-12-13


I had a full day of it here in my spot, I hope you had a wonderful day doing your things…in fact- What did you do????

Vocals Today!

Well first things first! One of my roosters was chasing the cats off the porch while I was having my coffee- OK- we do this EVERY day! When will the cats not take that? It is just pretty funny really!


After a wonderful SUNNY bike ride, I came back to the cabin to finish some lead vocals, I am happy to say after 2 weeks of trying, this song’s lead is finished, now onto the next!


Here are some fun shots I want to share! I love including you friends! I hope you who had sun got to enjoy some of it as well,2 VOX Recording 12-11 ‘Til tomorrow! Ciao!Rooster chasing Cats!Vox Recording 12-11-13

Daily day…ahhhh

It has been busy here recording pretty much every day! It’s exciting, moving slower than I want, but all good!¬†Soon the videoing for the latest tune will begin, I am choosing songs I love but are also popular enough for you to find interesting to hear what I am doing.

Tomorrow I will be back ‘at it’, so stay in touch!